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Certification of Services – Your Path to Outstanding Quality in Services

As a renowned company based in Germany, we provide top-notch certification services for a variety of management systems, processes, products, and services. Our team of highly qualified experts is at your disposal to certify your services. We adhere to the strict requirements of the ISO 17065 standard.

Currently, we offer certification services in following areas:

  • Security-Relevant Data Transmission and Communication Systems: Companies in Germany and Europe are subject to strict data protection laws. Through certification, you gain the assurance that your processes, IT-based services, and products comply with the GDPR and other relevant regulations for you.

  • Certification of Data Centers: For data center operators, strict requirements apply regarding conception, design, and operation. Aspects such as performance, data security, fault tolerance, energy efficiency, access controls, documentation, and compliance with legal requirements are considered in the evaluation.

  • Road Safety: In a world where mobility is crucial, road safety plays a central role. Our certification according to ISO 39001 focuses on promoting best practices in traffic safety management to reduce accidents and ensure safety on the roads. Organizations in the transportation sector, whether in road, rail, or air transport, benefit from ISO 39001 This includes transportation companies, logistics service providers, as well as authorities and organizations in public transportation. Certification is a crucial step for companies that take their responsibility for traffic safety seriously and aim to strengthen the trust of their customers and stakeholders.

  • Risk Management: The ISO 31000 certification, based on international standards, encompasses risk management and promotes best practices. Key points include the identification, assessment, and treatment of risks, integration of risk management into the organization, and continuous improvement of risk processes. The certification involves two phases: reviewing the risk management framework to ensure compliance with ISO 31000 and assessing the ongoing operation of risk management, including document review and implementation in business operations.

  • Personnel Qualification and Training: Companies offering training and qualification programs face the challenge of not only meeting the needs of their customers but also ensuring that their services comply with current legal regulations and normative requirements. Following ISO 21001 and ISO 9001, various aspects are included in the evaluation, including compliance with relevant requirements, service quality standards, customer focus, performance standards, risk/opportunity management, documentation and continuous improvement.

  • Supply Chain Management: Your supply chain is the backbone of your business, and its stability and efficiency are crucial to your success. Our certification according to the ISO 28000 standard provides you with the assurance that your supply chain processes meet the highest standards to minimize risks and maximize efficiency. The following aspects are assessed as part of the certification: risk assessment, security management, documentation and record-keeping, continuous improvement.

With certification, you position yourself as a trustworthy provider meeting the highest quality standards.

In addition to certification, we also offer inspections, testing, and training to provide you with various types of support for continuous improvement and optimization of your services.

Contact us to learn more about our services. Our dedicated team is available and ready to support you on your journey to excellence.