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Certification of Processes and Applications in the field of Artificial Intelligence – Trusted Processes and Ethics in Focus

intellcert GmbH is your reliable partner for certifying processes and services in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our expertise enables companies to harness the opportunities of the AI revolution while maintaining the highest ethical standards and trustworthiness in their AI applications.

Our audits and certifications are aligned with the pioneering international guidelines for AI ethics and trustworthiness:

  • European Commission’s AI Ethics Guidelines: We assess and confirm that your AI processes adhere to the ethical principles set forth by the European Commission.
  • OECD’s Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy AI: Our examinations follow the ethical guidelines of the OECD to confirm that your AI applications meet global standards for trustworthiness and responsibility.
  • IEEE’s AI Code of Conduct: We review and certify your AI procedures according to the stringent IEEE code of conduct to ensure the highest technical excellence and ethical integrity.

Tailored Assessments for Different Industries:

Our experts customize the assessment criteria to the specific requirements of your industry. Whether it’s healthcare, finance, manufacturing, or other sectors, we provide customized certification solutions that consider the unique context of your AI applications.

Holistic Approach to Trust and Compliance:

Our certification goes beyond technical aspects. We evaluate not only the code but also the societal, environmental, and data protection impacts. This creates a comprehensive foundation for trust and compliance. Bestow your AI application with the seal of trustworthiness and ethics. Together for an Artificial Intelligence that can be trusted!