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Precision in Testing, Clarity in Results – Your Path to Quality Assurance

intellcert provides comprehensive support in planning and conducting testing activities to ensure the quality, safety, reliability, and performance of your products and services. Our experienced and qualified testing experts, along with a network of state-of-the-art testing laboratories, are available to meet your requirements and support your specific testing needs.

Especially in the context of the following areas, we offer a variety of individually tailored tests with different objectives:

  1. Management systems
  2. Process control; Performance measurement
  3. Functional safety and cybersecurity in the automotive industry
  4. Industrial cybersecurity
  5. Communication networks related to the mentioned application areas.

Here some examples:

  • EMC Testing: Ensure the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of your products with our specialized testing services. Our comprehensive EMC tests ensure that your products meet the required norms and standards. We utilize state-of-the-art testing methods and consider relevant regulations such as EN 55032, EN 55035, and other applicable norms to ensure that your products are electromagnetically compatible and reliably function in any environment.

  • Performance Testing: Our specialized tests critically analyze the performance of your systems and processes, identify potential bottlenecks, and provide a foundation for efficiency improvement. We adhere to established testing standards/methods and recognized norms to ensure that your systems meet the highest performance requirements, are capable of addressing the challenges of modern business environments and are well-equipped for future demands.

  • Functional and Safety Testing for Products: Ensure the flawless functionality and safety of your products with our specialized functional and safety tests. These tests ensure that your products not only meet their functional requirements but also adhere to the highest safety standards. By applying state-of-the-art testing methods and considering relevant norms such as ISO 13849, IEC 61508, ISO 26262, ISO 21434, and other applicable guidelines, we ensure that your products comply with the highest industry standards. Trust in our expertise to optimize the quality and safety of your products, meeting your customers’ expectations regarding both functionality and safety.

  • Penetration Tests: Secure your IT infrastructure with our professional penetration tests. Our specialized tests critically analyze the security measures of your systems, identify potential vulnerabilities, and provide the basis for strengthening your cybersecurity defenses. With a focus on proven methods and standards such as OWASP, ISO/IEC 27001, and other relevant guidelines, we ensure that your IT environment meets the highest security requirements and is aligned to not only meet current security standards but also proactively respond to evolving cyber threats.

  • Overall Product Conformity Assessments: We develop test plans based on relevant industry standards and the requirements of your stakeholders, applying proven testing procedures. The results obtained from these tests form the basis for products that not only excel in functionality but also meet all relevant aspects of overall product compliance. Our testing procedures span a variety of industries, helping you adhere to quality standards and gain the trust of your customers.

  • Methodology Testing: Optimize your methods for achieving your process / business goals with our specialized method tests. Our detailed examinations critically analyze the effectiveness and suitability of your applied methods to ensure they not only meet current requirements but also optimally support the set objectives. By applying proven testing procedures and considering industry-specific standards, we ensure that your methods meet the highest quality standards.

Our method tests are designed not only to meet current standards but also to proactively contribute to the optimization of your processes, thereby supporting the success of your business goals.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is at the core of our testing services. In addition to the tests described above, we can plan and conduct additional tests in other areas upon request.