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Certification according to the standards EN9100/EN 9120 – Fly high, fly certified!

As a renowned certification company based in Germany, we offer comprehensive certification services in accordance with the internationally recognized standards EN 9100 and EN 9120.

EN 9100 is a cross-industry quality management standard specifically developed for the aerospace industry. It establishes the requirements for an effective quality management system and serves as a basis for continuous improvement of processes, products, and services in this demanding sector. Our experienced auditors conduct thorough assessments to ensure that your company meets the stringent requirements of EN 9100 and maintains the highest quality standards.

In addition, we also offer certification according to EN 9120, a specific quality management system for the aviation industry focusing on the storage, distribution, and trade of aviation products and components. With an EN 9120 certification, you demonstrate to your customers and partners that you have implemented rigorous quality controls throughout your supply chain management.

Our dedicated team of auditors and professionals supports you throughout the entire certification process. From preparing for the audit to identifying areas for improvement and final certification, we are by your side with our extensive experience.

The benefits of certification according to aviation industry quality standards include:

  • Recognition in the aerospace industry
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Continuous improvement
  • Risk-based action
  • Enhanced customer confidence
  • Effective supply chain management
  • Compliance with legal requirements

Our EN 9100ff services include:

  • Certification audits to assess the conformity and effectiveness of your system
  • Issuance of EN 9100ff certificates confirming compliance with the requirements
  • Follow up activities necessary to maintain certification: planning and conducting surveillance and recertification audits according to the specified timelines and procedures set by relevant regulations

In addition to certification, we also provide inspections, testing, and training to ensure that you meet all relevant requirements and continuously develop your organization.

Trust our expertise and experience to support your organization on the path to certification according to EN 9100 and EN 9120.

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