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Our Policies

We prioritize transparency, integrity, and adherence to the highest quality standards in all our services. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our corporate principles, we have created four crucial documents that form the basis of our business ethics.

  1. Code of Conduct: Our Code of Conduct defines the ethical standards and behaviors expected from all members of our team. It serves as the foundation for respectful and responsible interactions.
  2. Compliance Management System: In our commitment to ensuring the highest quality and safety standards, we have established a comprehensive Compliance Management System. This system ensures that we adhere to all relevant regulations and standards.
  3. Guideline for Corruption Prevention: We are dedicated to fostering a fair and transparent business environment. Our Anti-Corruption Policy sets clear standards for rejecting corruption in any form throughout all phases of our business operations.
  4. Mission Statement: Our mission statement outlines the vision, mission, and values of intellcert GmbH. It reflects our dedication to excellent services, customer orientation, and sustainable growth.

To access detailed information on these critical documents, download the PDF files by clicking on the links below:

Code of Conduct

Compliance Management System

Guideline for Corruption Prevention

Mission Statement

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.